Biography of Alexander Pope

Date of Birth:     21 May 1688

Place of Birth:     England

Resting Place:     St Mary's Church England

Occupation:     |Poet , Writer

Notable Works :     The Rape of Lock, The Dunciad

Grandparents:      James Ericke

Date of Death:     30 May 1744

Language:     English


He was an author and translator. He was born in London. Mostly, he was educated at Catholic colleges until 1700, when the family was forced by anti-Catholic sentiment to settle in the county outside. . He suffered from poor health, severely inferior growth, and shortened life. But the time he lived in the world, he grew in fame. poetic talent besides his Pastorals being disclosed in 1710 and conjointly the Essay on Criticism, a literary work in heroic couplets in 1711. In the Essay, Pope discusses the rising trade of literary criticism; as an example, the sort of critic World Health Organization could also be bookful. Somebody World Health Organization reads everything disclosed but whose interpretations unit of measurement blinkered by his own opinions. At twelve, Pope composed his earliest existent work, lyric to Solitude; an analogous year saw the onset of the debilitating that might plague Pope until the highest of his youth. Originally attributed to the severity of his studies, the health problem is presently ordinarily accepted as Pott's sickness, a sort of (TB) moving the spine that scrubby his growth Pope's height exceeded four and a zero. Six feet rendered him crookbacked, frail, and susceptible to violent headaches. His physical look would produce him a specific target for his many literary enemies in later years; World Health Organizations would see the author as a "hump-backed amphibian." Pope's.Pastorals he claimed to possess, written at sixteen, were written in Jacob Tonson's Poetical Miscellanies of 1710 and brought him swift recognition. Essay on Criticism, written the year anonymously once established the couplet as Pope's principal life and attracted the toilet Gay, World Health Organization would become Pope's friends and collaborators. Along they formed the Scriblerus Club, a congregation of writers to guy content and poor vogue through the fictional figure of Martinus Scriblerus, World Health Organization would perform a the precursor to the dunces in Pope's late masterpiece, the Dunciad. In April,1712, . (Fools rush in wherever angels are concerned to tread)(By Alexander Pope) The Rape of the Lock, Pope's best-known work and additionally the one that secured his fame was written. It isn't exciting subject the valid account of a dispute between two distinguished Catholic families over the stealing of a lock by Pope into a caricature the send-up of classical writing style.Turning from humor to scholarship, Homer's epos. He organized for the work to be out there by subscription, with one volume being free annually for pretty much Six years, a model that garnered Pope enough money to be prepared to measure off his work alone, one altogether the few English poets in history to possess been able to do this. In 1719, following the death of his father, Pope affected to Associate in Nursing of his youth. (A very little learning could be dangerous)(By Alexander Pope) Here he created his notable cave and went on to translate that he brought out beneath an analogous subscription model as a result of the Iliad and to compile a heavily-criticized edition of the author, throughout that Pope "corrected" the Bards meter and created several alterations to the text, whereas departure corruptions in earlier editions intact.Critic and scholar Lewis Theobalds repudiation of Popes author provided the catalyst for his Dunciad, vicious, four-book humor throughout that Pope lampoons the senseless critics and students of his day, presenting their commission to the god Dulness; Theobald served as its hero.


 The Dunciad

The Dunciad might be a landmark, narrative written material by a writer written in three fully completely different from large integer to 1743. The written material celebrates an immortal. Dulness

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 The Rape of Lock

The Rape of Lock might be a landmark, narrative written material by a writer written in three fully completely different from large integer to 1745. The written material celebrates are immortal.

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  An Essay on Criticism

An Essay on Criticism was Pope's first freelance work, written anonymously through AN obscure man of affairs. It was the foremost illustrious literary composition of the Alexender pope. .It was printed in (1711)and got fame.

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