Biography of Samuel Richardson

Date of Birth:     19 August 1689

Place of Birth:     England

Occupation:      Writer ,Printer and Publisher

Spouse:      Martha Wilde ,Elizabeth Leake

Date of Death:     4 July 1761

Language:     English


Richardson was born in a European nation and enjoyed a modest upbringing. At the age of seventeen, he was sure to be a printer. Richardson saw printing as an outstanding career that would afford him time to scan and write. a frenzied reader and author as a youth, his prolific letter writing Once finishing his place, he married his master's female child, Martha Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde, and created his search. Richardson had six children with Martha, all of whom died before adulthood. Martha died in (1731) and two years once her death Richardson married Elizabeth Leake, the sister of a well-fixed book employee. This wedding was also fruitful, and 4 of his children survived him. Prophet Richardson died of a stroke in (1761). Through superb connections and a reputation joined of the foremost effective printers in London, He became the master of the Stationer's gild. Around (1739) he usually began writing. Through one altogether his connections, he was commissioned to publish a series of letters which will be compiled into a conduct book for the individuals of his country. A conduct book was meant to point out rural Englishmen and women's manners and the reasons for managing social things. one altogether the letters in Richardson's conduct book On the foremost necessary Occasion, written (1741), letters written to and for specific Friends, targeted a city maid whose master tried to assault her sexually. This letter and its subject inspired Richardson's initial and legendary novel, Pamela (1740). Pamela was revolutionary, and it had been additionally the primary novel of the prophet.

Famous works

 The History of Sir Charles Grandison

The novel (The History of Sir Charles Grandison) was an associate epistolatory novel written by prophet Richardson. This was revealed in seven volumes.

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 The History of young lady

The History of a woman tells the tragic story of a heroine whose search for virtue is usually unsuccessful by her family. This was a long novel.

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This was an associate epistolatory novel United Nations agency was 1st printed in 1740 by prophet Richardson. Pamela tells the story of a recent maid named Pamela Andrews.

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